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Traci Dowling

Founder | President Traci, founder of Blue Button Transport since 2018; has a deep passion for serving the unique needs of individuals with different abilities and a strong commitment to providing them with the highest level of service. Traci received her bachelor’s degree at St.Cloud State University where she studied Political Science and Communication Studies.  She is devoted to investing in the company’s mission and values and works to ensure that Blue Button is living up to their commitments. Traci is a firm believer of community inclusion and advocates for everyone to have the same access to transportation no matter what the “disability” may be.  She stands strong on being able to offer independence to those who normally may not have that opportunity.  In her free time, Traci enjoys listening to music and thoroughly enjoys taking cruises down some old dirt roads to go agate hunting.  She has a deep adoration for her family and will take any opportunity she can get to spend extra time and make memories with them.  You might catch her at her cabin up north, or on the lake taking in all of nature’s beauty with her children.